Catawba Lands Conservancy

Dear Mr. McMKittrick;

I am writing on the heels of my October 2009 correspondence to offer the Conservancy’s continued support for the ReVenture Park project.

Catawba Lands Conservancy is focused on promoting both land conservation and the Carolina Thread Trail, and we are very excited about ReVenture Park’s planned conservation of the Long Creek riparian corridor and eventual development of the Carolina Thread Trail along the Creek. Conservation of Long Creek is a key priority of the Conservancy.

In addition, to the project’s conservation goals, we are supportive of re-use and clean up of the property and the application of innovative technologies in creative ways on the site. as you know, we have been pushing for a coordinated development plan with CMUD’s planned regional waste water plant to create an iconic pedestrian bridge across the Catawba. Re-Venture Park holds potential to be the demonstration hub of next generation land use for the region.

Re-Venture Park is a fabulous vision for the region and I commend you and your team on this project. Please let me know how the Conservancy can assist with this project as a partner. thank you in advance for your interest in conservation as part of the long term vision for ReVenture Park.

I appreciate your creative leadership of this important project, and for your interest in conservation and in the Carolina Thread Trail. Please let me know of any ways I might help.

Davis J. Cable
Executive Director