Charlotte Chamber Northwest Chapter Board

Dear Mr. McKittrick;

I am writing on behalf of the Charlotte Chamber Northwest Chapter Board of Directors to offer our support for the ReVenture Park project.

The Charlotte Chamber Northwest Chapter is focused on bringing development to the northwest region of Charlotte while promoting and attracting environmentally friendly businesses and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle.

The Northwest Chapter is extremely supportive of the vision of ReVenture Park to clean up the former Clariant site and develop over 600+ acres for a clean energy park. We are excited that the project will bring 1,000 jobs to the area and much needed investment dollars to Charlotte. Not only will the park serve as an economic driver in the area, but serve as a model for green development in Charlotte and throughout the Southeast region. The concept of businesses working together to practice energy efficiency and environmental responsibility is a lesson that every future development can utilize.

We look forward to ReVenture becoming the model industrial park for the Southeast region and I congratulate you and your team on this project. Please let the Chamber know how we can assist your long-term vision for ReVenture Park in the future.

Charlotte Chamber Northwest Chapter Board