Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is ReVenture?

ReVenture Park will transform a 667-acre Superfund site along the Catawba River into the region’s first Eco-Industrial Energy Park. The re-development plan will breathe new life into the site by re-using the extensive existing infrastructure to create a platform for large scale renewable energy and alternative fuel projects. The Eco-Industrial Park is designed to leverage synergies between multiple sustainable components including a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) power plant, solar fields, incubator labs, wastewater treatment and reuse, and R&D facilities.

Environmental stewardship is also a core facet of ReVenture Park. The sites natural resources will be enhanced by a 177 acre conservation easement, wildlife habitat enhancement projects, stream restoration and a connector for the Carolina Thread Trail.

When fully development, ReVenture Park will be an economic driver for the region through the investment of new businesses and the creation of ‘green collar’ jobs.

What is the history of the site?

The ReVenture site is situated on the western edge of Charlotte and at 667 acres is the largest section of underutilized heavy industrially zoned land in Mecklenburg County. The site is a former textile dye manufacturing facility that was started in 1935. The site was acquired by Clariant Corporation in 1985 and since then the company has spent upwards of $40 million dollars cleaning up the contamination caused by previous owners. A key part of ReVenture’s development plan is a further enhanced environmental cleanup. The site is has substantial existing infrastructure and buildings that can be reused to create a platform for the development of large and small clean energy renewable projects. The ReVenture project will leverage the existing infrastructure and allow the site to contribute greatly to the regions Clean Energy and economic development objectives.

Are there assurances that the site will be cleaned up no matter what?

Yes! Forsite Development will be adding significantly to the environmental remediation already occurring at the site and will be required by North Carolina to post Financial Assurance (currently estimated to be $12.5 million) to ensure there are sufficient funds in place to manage the remediation, no matter what.

What is the relationship between Clariant and ReVenture?

Clariant acquired the site in 1985 and with its purchase also acquired the contamination that was caused by the previous owners. While Clariant did not cause the contamination, they have worked diligently to clean it up. They have spent approximately $40 million remediating the site since they acquired it in 1985 and substantial progress has been made. ReVenture is partnering with Clariant to continue and significantly enhance the remediation activities on the site.

Will the Catawba River be protected?

YES! The proposed Gasifier is a completely closed loop system so all gases and wastewater are contained. Typical Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) contains 17% moisture. Any moisture that enters the gasifier will come off as a vapor mixed with the gases; the vapor then condenses during the gas cleanup. Water will be treated and filtered, with a portion of the water used in the gas cleanup process and the remaining filtered to a level that it can be disposed in a public sewer, just like dish, shower and sink water.

Will the public be able to have any involvement in ReVenture?

Yes. One of the ReVenture Park project’s main goals is to educate the community about the development plan and the important role the project will play in sustainable energy solutions for the region. Since October, 2009, the ReVenture team has conducted more than 58 public meetings and presentations. The ReVenture team will continue to share, listen, learn and weigh the input of all our stakeholders as we work to provide clean energy, clean air and new energy jobs in the region.

Is the developer of ReVenture committed to protecting the environment?

Absolutely! Environmental sensitivity is the core facet of the project. The project includes a 177 acre conservation easement that will connect the Carolina Thread Trail to the US National White Water Center Additionally ReVenture has been awarded the Wildlife and Industry Together (WAIT) certification by the NC Wildlife Federation that will include multiple wildlife habitat enhancement projects.