Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce

Dear Mr. McKittrick:

I’m writing on behalf of the Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce to express our support for the ReVenture Park project.

The Montcross Area Chamber serves businesses and communities in eastern Gaston County and western Mecklenburg County and is committed to promoting environmentally friendly development and encouraging sustainable lifestyles.

We are excited about the vision of ReVenture Park to restore a contaminated site and develop more than 600 acres for a clean energy park. Present high rates of unemployment throughout our region make your plan to create more than 1,000 jobs especially exciting. ReVenture Park has the potential to jump start development of green technology and creation of green jobs in our region and become a national model.

Congratulations on this innovative concept and the leadership ReVenture is providing by becoming a model for how developments can practice energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Please let us know how the Chamber can assist in achieving your vision for ReVenture Park.

Ted B. Hall