North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

Dear Mr. McKittrick:

Thank you for the tour of the ReVenture Park site and for the opportunity to discuss the project plans with you February 23, 2010. As the Executive Director of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, it is invaluable to get into the “field” to see what developers of renewable energy facilities are building. The ReVenture Park project is an innovative new type of model in sustainable energy, and NCSEA would like to offer its support for your plans.

The mission of the NCSEA is “to ensure a sustainable future by promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in North Carolina through education, public policy and economic development.” The ReVenture Park project is a model for a more sustainable future through renewable energy in its proposed biomass power plant, solar field, utilization of biosolids to keep them out of landfill, and general approach to waste stream integration and reduction. The utilization of the biomass component of processed municipal solid waste as fuel is far more sustainable environmentally than the prevalent fossil fuels used today, especially coal and petroleum products. Further, the reuse of on-site waste treatment water for the cooling process in the biomass plant, is a unique innovation in the critical area of water management. The three “closed loops” of water, power and waste establishes a viable and sustainable paradigm for renewable energy eco-industrial parks.

In addition to the project’s renewable energy goals, we are supportive of the re-use and clean-up of this current EPA Superfund property and the planned application of innovative green technologies in creative ways on the site. This new model of pairing renewable energy and green waste water treatment, with combined heat and power and zero waste, can become a viable template for large former industrial tracts throughout the state and beyond. there is no doubt that ReVenture Park will be a prominent component of the Charlotte region’s “New Energy Capital”, and exemplify the innovative potential of the greater Charlotte region.

We look forward to following the progress of this exciting and important project, and utilizing its example in NCSEA’s education, public policy and economic development efforts across our state and the Southeast.

Ivan Urlaub
Executive Director