Charlotte Regional Partnership

Dear Tom:

Energy companies are increasingly drawn to the Charlotte region, and the plans for the multiple energy, fuel and water projects at ReVenture Park will greatly add to the attraction. The park literally will create a new model for renewable energy eco-industrial development.

Energy is one of the six target sectors that the Charlotte Regional Partnership aggressively recruits to the Charlotte region. ReVenture Park, with the sustainable synergies of the biomass power plant, solar farm, green waste water treatment and environmental conservation, is already attracting interest from major companies in the renewable energy and alternative fuel fields. I believe that ReVenture Park will become a primary recruitment tool both for the region and the state in years to come.

Particularly compelling is that the project is being developed at the old Clarient site. This development will transform a contaminated Superfund site into an energy park model that could serve as a national model. It’s a great story to tell. We would like to see more energy companies redevelop former industrial sites for clean energy, fuels and technology, and look forward to having ReVenture Park serve as the example.

The Charlotte Regional Partnership strongly supports ReVenture Park and believes it is important that for our community and state leadership to get behind it as well. Energy projects bring new investment and jobs to Charlotte USA and to the state of North Carolina that are environmentally responsible and technologically advanced. ReVenture Park fits that bill perfectly.

Let me know how I can be of help in bringing this ambitious development to reality. I look forward to following the progress of ReVenture Park and using its success as  a recruitment tool for our region and our stat.

Sincerely yours,
Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcC, FM, HLM
President & CEO